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HomeBUILDER Magazine reserves the right to refuse to include any listing in the Buyers' Guide. Listings will not be published, either online or in print, until such time as HomeBUILDER Magazine has approved your submission. Submissions that are approved are usually published in the Buyers' Guide Online within 5 business days.

You will receive an email once your submission has been published in the Buyers' Guide Online. This email will include a password that will allow you to edit your listing in the future.

A basic listing is free of charge. We offer several enhancements to a basic listing in the Buyers' Guide Online at a nominal charge. Once your listing has been approved and published online you may elect to purchase any of these options. Simply navigate to your listing and click on the Update this listing link and enter your password. From there you will find details of the various enhancements that we offer. Select the ones that you wish to purchase and proceed to the payment option.

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